Our mission

Inspired by the confidence born of success and the obsession to grow, we now feel we are ready to expand and diversify – to make films and Television programmes not only for the home market but for the International market as well.

And why not ?

When the global entertainment networks are forever on the look out for material reflecting diverse life styles and cultures from different parts of the world.

When we have a veritable treasurer house – india’s cultural heritage – its epics, its fold-lore, the dance and musical traditions, the arts and crafts and the cultural diversity – which all add up to an inexhaustible source.

When our films and Television programmes are accepted the world over, when they are comparable to International standards.

When co-productions and joint ventures have come to stay on the International film scene, and their products are streaming successfully into the International market place more than ever before and.

It makes good business sense to venture into such potential areas.

We can legitimately claim to possess the vision, technical capability, the managerial skills and the resources to undertake such challenging and prestigious projects. However, the very nature and scope of some of these projects make it necessary for us to go in for Co-productions, Joint ventures and productions in foreign languages and in some cases participation of foreign technicians and artists. This is the area where we are now looking for Joint Venture participation.

Our mission is to produce world-class audio-visual programmes drawing on the rich cultural heritage of India, combining expertise of a high standard and professionalism to satisfy the global market.


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Seven Arts International Limited,29, Shenoy Road, Nungambakkam,Chennai 600 034.

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Seven Arts International Limited, 39/116, KayKay House, First Floor, Karikkamuri Cross Road, Off Mullaseri Canal Road, Kochi – 682011 Kerala, India

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